Why trust us with your outsourced HR support?

We’re not your average East Midlands HR consultancy!

Now, we know that you’re going to be shopping around for an HR support provider, because that’s exactly the kind of thing we do ourselves when we’re looking for outsourced business services. So, you’ve probably ended up here on our website via a Google search for ‘HR consultants Derby’, ‘HR support Derby’, ‘HR outsourcing Derby’, or the like. And we also know that many of your potential candidates will appear, on the face of it, to be pretty much the same as us. But we’re confident that we can offer you a great deal more than the average HR support and employment law consultancy service, and have a number of specific reasons why we think we could be the best choice for you.

So, here are a few areas to consider when making your comparisons, weighing up your options, and deciding what questions you should be asking:

We’re great value

Employment lawyer quality

Without employment lawyer prices

We’ve done it before

From startups to multinationals

We’ve pretty much seen it all

We know our stuff

Highly qualified academically

Highly qualified professionally

We walk-the-talk

Practical business-focussed solutions

Delivered in person by experts

We’re close at hand

We’re only minutes from central Derby

Drop in for a chat and a cup of tea!

We’re fair & transparent

No monthly fees, no annual contracts

Simply pay for what you use

We’re people-people

Friendly and down-to-earth

Highly personal service

We’re tried & tested

Don’t just take our word for it

Our testimonials speak for themselves

We’re a special blend

Big company professionalism

Small company values

We’ll be there for you

We’re at work when you’re at work

Availability & response times guaranteed

We pay it back

From trusteeships & pro bono advice

To mentoring & academic research

We’re made-to-measure

Exactly what you need

Exactly when you need it

We’re an investment, not simply a cost

All too often, HR is just seen as a cost to the business. But we can offer you a great return on your investment: