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LoatesHR: Highly experienced 5-star rated team of CIPD qualified HR consultants ★ Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Burton upon Trent, Peak District, East Midlands

We're very experienced

But we don't just look good on paper. We have a wealth of practical experience gained over 20 years of using our HR and employment law expertise to solve real-world business problems. Our HR experts have previously held successful senior level positions within major corporations such as Eon, Otis Elevators, The Co-operative Group, and RS Components, as well as public sector organisations such as county councils and the NHS. In addition, they have worked as charged-out HR consultants within such companies as PKF Cooper Parry, supporting a wide range of SMEs.

We've experienced many company sizes

So, we know what large corporates are about, because that's where we honed our HR and employment law skills. And we know what it is to be a fast-growing small business, because that's exactly what we currently are ourselves.

Whilst we continue to work with a number of larger businesses, our clients nowadays are more typically SMEs. We nevertheless still handle a wide variety of company sizes within this sector. We've advised tiny startups who are taking on their first employee, as well as fully established companies with hundreds of staff. And we've worked with these at all stages of the business lifecycle. We've helped growing companies, consolidating ones, those undergoing change, and those downsizing.

We've experienced many industry sectors

We've worked with engineers, beauticians, gardeners, auctioneers, pharmacists, designers, charities, accountants, universities, nightclubs, and many other types of business. We've worked with hundred year old traditional businesses, as well as brand new high tech ones. We've spent our time in factories full of molten metal, as well as in offices full of paper. We've worked within private, public, academic, and charity sectors.

We've experienced many workforce types

We've supported workforces consisting of full-time employees, part-time employees, zero hours workers, annualised hours workers, shift workers, temporary staff, self-employed contractors, apprentices, volunteers, and interns. We've work with unionised businesses, as well as those staffed by family members.

We've experienced many workplace cultures

We've seen a whole range of workplace cultures and management styles, from the autocratic to the laissez-faire. We've worked with hazardous industries enforcing strict safety rules and rigid procedures, as well as creative ones offering large amounts of personal freedom and flexibility. We've helped businesses who already have well established people processes, as well as those who are just getting them in place.

We've seen it before

So, we know what large corporates are about, because that's where we honed our HR and employment law skills. And we know what it is to be a fast-growing small business, because that's exactly what we currently are. Over our HR careers we've worked with an amazing range of industries, sectors, cultures, and company sizes, and continue to do so on a daily basis. During this time we've helped companies deal with HR and employment law issues ranging from the mundane to the totally unexpected. Which means we already know how to get the best business outcome for your particular problem, because the chances are we've seen something very similar before.

    We have...

  • Team of highly experienced HR consultants
  • Individual HR careers spanning over 20 years
    We've worked across many industries...

  • Service
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Education & Academic
  • Charity
  • Public sector
    We've handled a wide variety of...

  • Company sizes, from micro-business to global corporations
  • Workplace cultures and management styles
  • Existing employment law compliance
    We have substantial experience of...

  • Owner managed businesses
  • Family-run businesses
  • Unionised businesses
    We've dealt with the full range of...

  • Worker types
  • Business lifecycle stages
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