Hands-on HR Support

We provide hands-on HR support

Whilst we’re extremely well qualified and experienced, we’re not content to simply sit back as report-writing consultants. Instead, we continue to operate as boots-on-the-ground HR practitioners, with all our HR experts carrying out client-facing HR work on a daily basis. On any given day we might be out supporting or chairing disciplinaries or grievances at client sites, in the office writing employment contracts or staff handbooks, planning how to resolve a client’s difficult case, attending employee home visits, talking to occupational health providers, delivering training to managers, amongst a myriad of other hands-on HR tasks.

We know what to do

And this is where we feel we have a great deal of added value to offer over both expensive employment lawyers and economy providers of HR help lines or downloadable document templates. Now, it’s all very well being told by these what you should be doing in principle, but that’s nothing like knowing how to actually make use of that information in practice. In contrast to what you might think, very few HR situations are ever black and white. They’re very much shades of grey, often with many different possible interpretations of how employment law should be applied, based on a myriad of test cases and tribunal precedents. Consequently, the best course of action will be entirely dependent on the nuances of a specific case, and a full appreciation of these can only be gained through years of practical hands-on experience.

We deliver results

We’re used to working at the sharp-end, not only coming up with sensible business-focussed approaches to HR problems, but also making sure they actually deliver results in practice. We can tread the often tricky line between meeting your legal obligations and achieving your business objectives. We’re good at dealing with people in person, and are well-practised in creating relationships, defusing confrontation, and building the consensus and compromise necessary to achieve effective, long-lasting results. We don’t just deliver precise HR solutions, but also pragmatic HR solutions.

We’re not afraid of difficult situations

We don’t shy away from resolving challenging problems on a face-to-face basis, even those that are confrontational or upsetting. We’ve handled many difficult employee issues in person, including those involving the disappearance of an employee, drug and alcohol abuse, arrest and imprisonment, physical and sexual assault, child safeguarding, stalking and harassment, theft and fraud, accidents and industrial injuries, serious physical and mental illness, and death in service. And what’s more, we don’t panic. We provide cool heads in a crisis, and will prevent the paralysis that can occur when a problem appears overwhelming. We’ll calmly tell you what needs to be done right now to get the immediate situation under control, and then put all the necessary follow up processes and training in place to deal with long-term underlying causes, such as inadequate management or a problematic workplace culture.

We support you personally

We’re not just hands-on when it comes to dealing with those directly involved in a particular issue. We also provide a high level of face-to-face support for you personally as an employer. We fully appreciate how stressful and intimidating processes like disciplinaries, grievances, and employment tribunals can be for those who haven’t experienced them before, so we’ll actually sit with you in-person to guide you through the process. We’re proud of the long-term personal relationships we build with our clients, and to this end we’ll provide you with a named account manager who’ll spend time really getting to understand both you and your business. That way you can be sure you have a friendly face to turn to that you know and trust, who appreciates what you’re trying to achieve as a business, and who can be relied on to support you in-person when you need it.

We hands-on HR support providers

    • Be your outsourced HR team
    • Assist your in-house HR team
    • Provide on-call HR support
    • Carry out ad-hoc HR projects
    • Advise on HR strategy
      • Day-to-day operational/transactional HR
      • Employment law compliance
      • Employee relations (ER) issues
      • Board-level strategic/transformational HR
      • Major change projects
        • Employment law compliance
        • Employee relations (ER)
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