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We’ve been around as a company since 2011, with our founders having been based in Derby for over 20 years. We’ve seen the amazing changes that the city has undergone since then, and are proud to be part of its future. Most of our clients are based in Derby and the surrounding East Midlands area, and many of them are only a stone’s throw away from us.

We’re a multi-award winning team of HR consultants in Derby

We provide local outsourced HR support for Derby businesses

And we really are local. With a proper office. Not a ‘virtual office’. Not a distant call-centre in some far-away place. We’re not just a website, a collection of document templates, or an anonymous voice on the phone. We’re actual people who want to meet you face-to-face, so we can properly get to know you and your business.

Our office is conveniently located at the scenic and historically interesting World Heritage site of Darley Abbey Mills, not far from Derby city centre. That’s it in the picture. Nice, huh?

Which means we’re readily available to support those HR issues that can only be dealt with in person. And since we have our own private meeting rooms at our office, it means we can have sensitive discussions with you away from your normal place of work. Being able to meet offsite helps protect the privacy of individual employees involved in personal issues, such as disciplinaries or grievances, and helps prevent rumours spreading in relation to company-wide issues such as redundancies or TUPEs.

So, if you’re looking for outsourced HR support in Derby you’re welcome to just pop in when you’re passing. Or we’re equally happy to come over to your place. Or even meet online. Whatever works best for you.

We’re the top rated outsourced HR support provider in Derby

We’ve grown from a single-person business operating from home, to a multi-award winning company with offices and a whole team of HR consultants and employment law experts. We’ve diversified into HR training, workplace wellbeing, and are currently developing additional sister brands, so that we can help you with a whole package of people-related support.

Which means we can offer you the stability of an established company, the credibility of one with a history of local clients, and the capability of one that’s grown beyond the one-person stage. You can be fully confident that we’re able to deliver what we promise, and can trust that we’ll reliably be there in the future when you need help.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and in particular, the reputation we’ve established within the local business community.

If you’re a Derby-based business looking for outsourced HR support, the chances are you already know someone that we’ve worked with. So go on, just ask them what we’re like!

“Sarah has been our HR adviser for 4 years. Sarah works as part of our team and brings her great personality, excellent knowledge and track record of experience to the business. We have always found Sarah’s support and advice to be sensible, logical and pragmatic and have no hesitation in recommending her.”

John Barke
Managing Director

“We used Loates HR Consultancy to carry out an assessment of our current HR polices and to provide a solution to ensure we are compliant. Rosie and the team were thorough and efficient in providing the material we needed to ensure this was the case. There were several discussions and amendments to the documents but the steps taken to reach the final product were quick, easy to understand and well documented. I have been impressed with their professionalism and consequently, I have referred several clients to the team.”

Hari Vasdev

“Working as an extension to the team, Sarah has been a trusted voice of advice and experience to my growing business. She has given me the support and guidance I needed to expand my workforce through clear and straight-forward direction. I find Sarah to be knowledgeable, flexible and approachable.”

Laura Faulkner
Matchstick Design

“Professional, sensitive and supportive, a great addition to our management support team”

Keith Pallett

I have found the team at Loates to be nothing short of brilliant. I always get a really quick response to emails and the tone is always calm and confident, which immediately makes me feel better about whatever HR drama has cropped up in my day.
Their in-person support at meetings is invaluable. I’m sure they have seen it all before, but they make us feel that whatever is going on at our company really matters to their company.
If the person I normally deal with is not available, any of the team are able to pick up the issue and continue the excellent level of service, which suggests really good in-house communication.
I’m a bit scared to think that we used to run our company without the support of Loates – what were we doing?!?

Nicky Hudswell

“…great care and professional diligence…”
“…high level of focus…”
“…thank you very much for your effort…”

Frank Lord
Chairman & Trustee

We support the local Derby business community

We're an active and well-respected part of the Derby business community, so if your business is based in Derby you probably already know someone who knows us. We also undertake a number of worthwhile social projects within the local community. So go ahead, ask people what we're like. We're members of both Marketing Derby and the East Midlands Chamber, and we're regulars at many local networking events. So, if you are too, come and say hello next time you're there.

Need outsourced HR support but not a Derby business?

No problem! As much as we love providing outsourced HR support in Derby, we also help businesses across the East Midlands and beyond. Indeed, we currently have clients based in Cardiff and have previously worked as far afield as Cairo, Egypt!

We can help you with outsourced HR support in Derby!

Already know what you want?

Great, let's get to it!

Not sure exactly what you need?

No problem!

Our friendly and down-to-earth HR consultants will point you in the right direction. We'd love to have an informal chat to find out more about your business and so help you identify the areas most in need of attention.

We're not after a quick sale, we're all about building long-term relationships. In fact, we don't even employ any sales people. Which means that right from the start you'll be talking directly to someone who can actually help you!

We're ready and waiting, so just get in touch!

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