We’re not your average East Midlands HR consultancy!

We’re a multi-award winning 5-star rated team of friendly and down-to-earth CIPD-qualified HR consultants. We provide outsourced HR support and employment law consultancy for growing businesses in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, and the surrounding East Midlands area. But we’ve got a few things that make us different from the average HR consultancy.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we deliver to employers. No anonymous telephone helpdesks or generic document databases here. Just proper face-to-face HR support from down-to-earth approachable people with actual names. People who you can get to know and trust, and who can be relied on to be there to provide practical assistance and a non-judgemental friendly face whenever things aren’t going so well. People who in turn can really get to know you and your business, and so fully understand how best to help you achieve your goals. HR support like it should be.

What local businesses say about our outsourced HR support services

Loates HR Consultancy are very much part of our team

“Loates HR Consultancy are very much part of our team, providing good clear advice just when we need it. They provide the perfect HR solution for any SME.”

Matt Crampton

How did we manage without them?

I have found the team at Loates to be nothing short of brilliant. I always get a really quick response to emails and the tone is always calm and confident, which immediately makes me feel better about whatever HR drama has cropped up in my day.
Their in-person support at meetings is invaluable. I’m sure they have seen it all before, but they make us feel that whatever is going on at our company really matters to their company.
If the person I normally deal with is not available, any of the team are able to pick up the issue and continue the excellent level of service, which suggests really good in-house communication.
I’m a bit scared to think that we used to run our company without the support of Loates – what were we doing?!?

Nicky Hudswell

Prompt and efficient service

In our time using the services of Loates, we have always found Matilda and the team to be very responsive to queries coming back to us in a very quick timeframe and providing excellent advice and support for all HR matters, both by email or virtually in meetings.

Judy Thomas
Director of Contractor Services
Community Pharmacy Wales

Professional, Knowledgeable & Friendly

The advice and information I received when dealing with Loates HR Consultancy was informed, knowledgeable and relevant. It was delivered in a friendly and professional way ensuring that I came away with everything I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to others.

Ruth Nixon

Professional, understanding and a great listener

“Again another big thank you to Loates HR Consultancy for the support they have given Austin Community Enterprise Limited. This is our first time working with Gill Philips, and we are very pleased with the support that she has given us, she is professional, understanding and a great listener. Her extensive knowledge has helped to gained us a positive outcome. Thanks Gill”

Tracy Blackburn
Project Manager

Extremely efficient and quick to respond

“We have been working with Loates HR Consultancy and with Gill Phillips in particular, on a range of projects over the past couple of years. We have always found them to be very welcoming and are always committed to meeting our requirements. We have found them to be extremely efficient and quick to respond and we have been delighted with the overall result.”

Russell Goodway
Chief Executive

Why choose us for your outsourced HR support?

We walk-the-talk

Practical business-focussed solutions

Delivered in person by experts

We'll be there for you

We're at work when you're at work

Availability & response times guaranteed

We're great value

Employment lawyer quality

Without employment lawyer prices

We pay it back

From trusteeships & pro bono advice

To mentoring & academic research

We know our stuff

Highly qualified academically

Highly qualified professionally

We're tried & tested

Don't just take our word for it

Our testimonials speak for themselves

We've done it before

From startups to multinationals

We've pretty much seen it all

We're a special blend

Big company professionalism

Small company values

We're close at hand

We're only minutes from central Derby

Drop in for a chat and a cup of tea!

We're made-to-measure

Exactly what you need

Exactly when you need it

We're people-people

Friendly and down-to-earth

Highly personal service

We're fair & transparent

No monthly fees, no annual contracts

Simply pay for what you use

Our outsourced HR support services

We can help you with outsourced HR support!

Already know what you want?

Great, let's get to it!

Not sure exactly what you need?

No problem!

Our friendly and down-to-earth HR consultants will point you in the right direction. We'd love to have an informal chat to find out more about your business and so help you identify the areas most in need of attention.

We're not after a quick sale, we're all about building long-term relationships. In fact, we don't even employ any sales people. Which means that right from the start you'll be talking directly to someone who can actually help you!

We're ready and waiting, so just get in touch!

☞☞☞ 01332 890 345 ☜☜☜

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