Reliable HR Support

We can be relied on

Being a growing small business ourselves, we fully understand how challenging they can be to run, and how isolated and overwhelmed you can sometimes feel when the unexpected suddenly happens. And that’s why we know how important it is to have someone you can reliably trust to be there to support you on those occasions when you need help and advice right now.

We provide personalised HR support

So, we’ll provide you with a named HR and employment law expert who can really get to know you and your business. That means you’ll have a consistent single point-of-contact, providing the reassurance of a familiar friendly face to call on when you need assistance. As a result, the person helping you this time will be the same one who helped you last time. And the time before that. They’ll already be familiar with your staff, structure, culture, history, and objectives. You won’t need to keep explaining the same things to different people every time you contact us.

We’re a team of HR consultants

Since we have a whole team of qualified and experienced HR consultants available, we have plenty of reserve support in place should contingency be required, as well as the ability for your account manager to call on second opinions and expert advice from members with specialist expertise in particular niche areas. In addition, we have the capacity to assign multiple HR consultants to cases that requires several roles to be carried out independently, for example the investigation, hearing, and appeal stages of grievances and disciplinaries.

Our HR consultants are employees

And what’s more, our company isn’t built from a loose collection of self-employed associates with other conflicting priorities. All of our HR consultants are solely employed by us, meaning that we’ve carefully recruited them in person for both technical expertise and shared values regarding personal service. We’ve subsequently made a considerable investment in their training, and work hard to maintain a great team culture, and a company vision that everyone is fully committed to.

We have quality processes

Likewise, we’ve worked hard to develop efficient internal processes to ensure that we can consistently provide you with high quality support. As part of this, we’ve also made a significant investment in issue tracking technology to improve our scheduling, prioritisation, and response times.

So, we’re not only confident that we’ve got the right people in place to look after you, but also that they’re fully equipped with the right tools to do an outstanding job.

We don’t make wild promises

Since we’ve previously had careers in big business, we know how to plan projects, manage resources, and balance workload, which means we’re fully aware of our capacity to provide support. So, unlike other HR support providers, we don’t oversell our time to multiple retained clients, and just hope they don’t all need our help on the same day. Similarly, we don’t make grand claims to provide unlimited 24/7 instant response support for a low fixed fee, just to sell a retainer agreement, because we know that can’t possibly be delivered in reality.

We guarantee to deliver

Instead, we only promise what we know we can actually deliver. Which means that you can rely on us to be there. And since we’re used to working within the framework of guaranteed availability and response times provided by service level agreements (SLAs), we offer these guarantees as standard to all our clients. Should your business have non-standard support requirements, we can customise these agreements on an individual basis to suit your needs. So, you’ll know exactly what to expect from our support service up front, and you can hold us to our promises.

We’re well established

We’re now Derby’s biggest locally based HR consultancy, and combine big-company professionalism with small-company values. We’re neither a ‘one-man-band’ that might be on holiday when you have an emergency, nor a giant faceless service provider that sees you as nothing more than a number. We’re big enough to guarantee being available to help when you need it, but small enough to really care about you and your business. We offer you the stability of a well-established company with employees and a bricks-and-mortar office, the credibility of one with a history of local clients, and the capability of one that’s grown beyond the one-person stage. You can be fully confident that we’re able to deliver what we promise, and can trust that we’ll reliably be there in the future when you need help.

We’re reliable HR support providers

  • Named account managers
  • Team of qualified and experienced HR consultants
  • Employees not associates
  • Fully-staffed city-centre offices
  • Advanced issue tracking technology
  • Advanced communication technology
  • Guaranteed availability, response times, and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Support for non-standard working hours available
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