Quality HR Support

We have big company ideas

We’ve previously worked within large corporations that use quality management frameworks, so appreciate the value of professional processes, and the consistent high levels of service that they ensure. Our big-company background means we take things like reliability, availability, and contingency seriously, and so we offer guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) as standard for all our HR support clients. And to make sure we can deliver what we promise, we’ve invested in the types of cutting edge information technology systems that you’d expect in a much larger company. We also have our own in-house IT expert to look after them all, which allows us to maximise both the efficiency and dependability of the service we provide to you.

We have small company values

But despite our big-company ideas, we’re still a small company. We remain owner managed, and one of our two directors continues to operate as an active HR consultant and trainer on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve got plenty of first-hand experience of the particular challenges and constraints that small companies face, and consequently understand the importance of personal relationships, flexibility, and going-the-extra-mile. So, we’ve invested heavily in recruiting and training employees who are not only qualified and experienced, but who also share our vision in terms of face-to-face service, hands-on problem solving, and doing what it takes. We’ve spent a lot of amount of time and effort making sure we have the right people in our team. We like working with each other, and think that you will too.

We’re fully committed to what we do – this isn’t a hobby career for us, and it’s more than just a job. We know exactly how much time, money, and hard work we’ve had to invest to get to where we are today, so we understand how important and valuable your company is to you. Consequently, we take our responsibilities seriously, and despite our aspirations, we won’t forget where we came from.

We’re the best of both worlds

We think the combination of approaches we provide is somewhat special, and can add considerable value to your business. We are personal and flexible, yet at the same time professional and reliable. We can bring you the benefits of big-company best-practices without their pitfalls, remaining agile and pragmatic, rather than getting bogged down in bureaucracy and losing sight of what you’re actually trying to achieve.

We provide quality HR support

  • Derby’s biggest locally-based HR consultancy
  • Established, stable, reliable
  • Numerous current clients
    • Professionalism
    • Processes
    • IT systems
    • Commitment
    • Agility
    • Personal service
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