Cost-effective HR Support

Cost versus value

Since we’re a small business, we fully appreciate the impact of costs on the bottom line, and understand that every purchasing decision needs to be fully justified. Consequently, we know that you might consider HR support to be just another irritating overhead that needs to be cut to the bone.

And we’re also aware that HR support comes in a confusingly wide range of pricing. Clearly, paying over the odds for a ‘gold-plated’ service that you don’t actually need is a complete waste of your money. But go too cheap and you’re also wasting your money if the job doesn’t get done properly. Indeed, it might even turn out to be more expensive in the the long run when you have to pay someone else to sort out the subsequent mess.

We’re just right

Now we keep an eye on our competitors, so know we’re not the cheapest provider of HR and employment law support. But then again, we also know that we’re not the most expensive either. We like to think of ourselves as operating in the ‘Goldilocks zone’, where the balance between what we cost and the value we provide is ‘just right’.

We’re confident that we provide excellent value for money, in terms of the positive impact that we can have on your workforce productivity, financial risk mitigation, and opportunity costs. So, before you decide on your HR support provider, we invite you to look beyond the ‘sticker price’, and consider the total cost of your choice in terms of the considerable value we can add to your business in these areas.

And we’re so sure that we can save you more than we cost that we have no minimum contract periods, up-front fees, or other ways to tie you in. If you don’t think we provide value for money, then you can simply walk away at any point.

Employment lawyers

Now, you probably think there are are some things in life that you simply shouldn’t try to economise on. Parachutes, shark cages, laser eye surgery, and the like. We’ve worked hard to build our business, so understand how important your business is to you, and how much you might want to protect it by getting only the best quality support and advice possible. We get that ‘reassuringly expensive’ might seem like the right choice. And so we see why you might think that employment law issues can only be properly dealt with by an employment lawyer. Makes sense, right?

But consider this alternative for a moment.

We’re not saying that employment lawyers won’t do a fine job advising you on employment law. Indeed, we work alongside, refer work to, and have great business relationships with many of them. And whilst we can competently handle the vast majority of employment law issues, they may be the right choice for some particularly technical employment law matters. It’s just that we think we can offer you a few things that they can’t. Consequently, by only looking for a ‘Derby employment lawyer’ you could be limiting your options somewhat. Firstly, and most importantly, we’ll provide you with exactly the same level of high quality legal advice, personal service, and professionalism that you’d expect from an employment lawyer. And just like an employment lawyer, we’re very highly qualified, both academically and professionally. But on top of this, we’re also down-to-earth and approachable, and are comfortable adopting a pragmatic hands-on approach. In fact, we’ll probably have much more actual experience in practically applying employment law to real-world issues than the typical employment lawyer. We don’t just give you legal advice, we actually help you solve your business problem in person.

The additional fact that we’ll only be a fraction of the cost of an employment lawyer is just a happy bonus.

In-house HR

Alternatively, perhaps you’re thinking that employing your own HR person might provide better value than outsourcing. But the problem here is that a cheap junior HR person will struggle to handle the particularly complex issues that crop up once in a while, whereas an expensive senior HR person will spend most of their time under-employed. And just employing a single HR person means that you have no contingency for sickness or holidays.

In contrast, we can provide you with the benefits of guaranteed access to a whole team of senior HR and employment law experts, with a wide range of specialisms, at only a fraction of the cost of employing even a single junior HR person yourself.

But if you do decide to employ your own internal team, no problem. We can help you with recruitment, and can support them by providing mentoring, contingency, and specialist advice.

Mix & match

Indeed, you may even decide that a hybrid approach provides best value for your business. And we’re totally happy with that. Employ a less-experienced, and therefore lower cost, HR person to handle day-to-day HR tasks, and outsource the more complex or unusual matters to us. Call on an employment lawyer to handle particularly technical parts of a job, and we’ll do the rest to keep total costs down. It’s completely up to you.

We provide costs-effective HR support

  • Employment law expertise
  • Business focus
  • Practical hands-on assistance
  • Excellent value for money
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