We can save you worry

Running a company is hard

While the money and time that we can save you already makes a compelling business case for our services, we think we can offer a significant additional benefit for you personally as a business owner. We can also save an even more precious resource, your peace of mind. How much is that worth to you?

Running a company is hard. It can be extremely stressful to know that you are ultimately responsible for everything, and that the buck stops with you. You’re the one person who simply has to have an answer, and who has to be able to make a decision when it comes down to it. The responsibility of it all can at times feel overwhelming.

We know, because we’ve been there ourselves.

Workforce maintenance is a job in itself

The thing is, as your company grows you’re only going to collect more things to worry about, because an expanding workforce will inevitably mean that an ever increasing proportion of your attention and energy is spent dealing with staff issues.

But it doesn’t need to be like this. We can completely take away any concerns you may have concerning getting employee matters wrong.

And by handling all the practical issues of this major source of day-to-day aggravation, we can shield you from distraction, and help you instead refocus your efforts on the core areas of your business where they belong.

We can resolve today’s problem

We can stem the rising sense of panic that business owners often experience when they suddenly discover that a major workforce issue has occurred. We provide cool heads in a crisis, and will prevent the paralysis that can occur when a problem appears overwhelming. We’ll clearly and calmly tell you what needs to be done right now to de-escalate any conflict and get the immediate situation under control.

Since we’ve resolved many such issues previously, we’ve not only got the expertise, but also the experience, to already know the fastest and most effective way to put things right. Or if that’s not possible, to at least contain the issue and minimise the damage.

And once the current situation is dealt with, we won’t just leave things there, but will instead find out why it occurred at all. We’ll then make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again by putting appropriate follow up processes and training in place to address long-term underlying causes, such as inadequate management or a problematic workplace culture.

We can take ownership of the problem

We’ll completely deal with all the unpleasant face-to-face interaction that is often necessary to resolve things, or can guide you through it and provide support if you’d prefer to be personally involved. We’re used to dealing with employees who are very angry or upset, and have dealt with many extremely difficult cases in the past. And we understand the emotional impact on you personally as a business owner. We know how you can be left feeling tremendously let down and disappointed by employees that you trusted and have had long-term close working relationships with.

As a third party, we’re detached, objective, and less personally or emotionally involved than someone from within your own company. Consequently, we have clarity as to what needs to be done, and can be empathetic or tough as the situation requires. We’re good at reading people, and are qualified and experienced mediators, so we know how to adjust our approach to engage, find common ground, and compromise. Since we’re external consultants, any subsequent awkwardness or embarrassment is minimised, reducing the damage to ongoing relationships between co-workers once the issue is resolved.

We can prevent tomorrow’s problem

As well as removing the headache of dealing with today’s actual problem, we can give you peace of mind for the future, so you can stop you worrying about what might potentially happen tomorrow.

We can review your current policies and procedures to ensure that they are compliant with employment law and HR best practices. Likewise, we can train your managers or internal HR staff to ensure they fully understand them, are equipped to deliver them,  and feel adequately supported.

By implementing sound people practices processes, you can have confidence that the vast majority of potential workforce issues won’t even occur, and trust that those which do will be caught early when they can be dealt with easily, rather than being left to fester, and ultimately spiral out of control. We can overcome the dilemma that you’re always too busy firefighting problems to deal with the underlying issues that keeps causing those problem to occur.

We can give you peace of mind

Most importantly, we can take away the expectation that every week will bring a new workforce problem, and banish your lingering dread of the regular phone call informing you of the next issue you have to deal with. We can tackle the toxic atmosphere that is steadily wearing both you and your employees down, get you out of the rut of feeling unable to instigate change, and empower you to restore the company culture you always envisaged creating.

We can help build your future

Whilst HR is often viewed as an ‘insurance policy’ that mitigates against the negative workforce issues that may occur within a company, we can provide so much more than that. We can also work with you to add value in a positive sense, by developing HR strategy that supports transformational change and prepares your business for the future.

Our HR consultants have previously developed HR strategy as leadership level business partners within a number of major corporations, so you can be confident that working with us on your workforce planning means that the future vision for your business will built on a solid HR foundation

You can rely on us to help get you to where you want to go.

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