We can save you money

We make business sense

We’re a small business ourselves, so we understand the importance of making a business case for a service like ours. We fully appreciate the impact of costs on the bottom line, and understand that every purchasing decision needs to be fully justified. Consequently, we know that you might consider HR support to be just another irritating overhead that needs to be cut to the bone. So let’s get straight to it.

We create value

We don’t work magic, we just create value in a sensible and straightforward way by improving your efficiency and reducing your risks. And, unlike most other HR support providers, we’re so confident that we can provide you with value for money, that we have no up-front joining fees, contractual tie-ins, complex pricing structures, work type exclusions, or use-it-or-lose-it arrangements. Just pay for exactly what you need, at a fixed hourly rate. Completely fair and transparent. If you don’t think we’re worth it, you’re completely free to walk away at any point.

So, here are the main ways in which we can save you more than we cost:

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