HR Policies & Procedures

What are HR policies & procedures?

Having the right policies and procedures in place from the outset is key to guiding your workforce and providing information on how to work safely, legally and in line with your business’ ethos. These will quite often be the grounding required to ensure smooth running through clarity and structure.

Why do HR policies & procedures matter?

By having policies and procedures in place, your workforce can gain an understanding of what is expected from them and the obligations from management and/or the employer. This will identify a clear approach for your culture and give frameworks as guidance to follow

Where situations arise that management must follow a procedure, they can feel confident to manage a situation through support of the process.  Procedures are in place to keep a workforce safe, highlight an employer’s obligation and protect the employee’s rights. By following this, the employer protects’ themselves from claims of discrimination, constructive dismissal or could prevent a grievance from being raised.

How can we help you with HR policies & procedures?

If you already have policies and procedures in place, we can review your current documentation and advise on any required updates through legislation but we will also recommend new or suggest revision of current policies to complement the development and change to your business since they were first implemented. It is beneficial to see these guidelines as evolving rules as naturally the overall ways of working adapt over time.

If changes are required, we can assist with updating documentation and rolling these out to your workforce through consultation.

If you do not have sufficient, enough or any policies in place then we can design these for you, tailored to your business needs.

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