What is redundancy?

Redundancy is when a business reduces a workforce because the need for the role is no longer required or the business (or part of the business) has ceased to operate. For example, this could be due to a downturn of work or a business restructure. This is a situation that unfortunately any business could go through but should be considered as a last resort.

For a redundancy to be fair in law there must be a genuine redundancy situation and it must follow a strict procedure. We can help provide you with the knowledge to ensure that when making redundancies you are complying with employment law to protect you from any unwanted claims against your business.

Why does redundancy matter?

Redundancy can be a complex situation with the need to consider both the employer’s obligations and the employee’s rights to mitigate risks of acting unlawfully and be liable for unfair dismissal claims.

It is also important to consider the stress that is imposed on the employer, employees directly affected and even the remaining staff who may not be directly at risk. Their morale and engagement needs to be maintained for continual business function and reduce fear of job security and anxiety. If a redundancy situation is not handled with care the culture of the organisation or psychological contract could be damaged.

How can we help you with redundancy?

We can advise on considering all other options first and guide you on how to take reasonable steps to avoid redundancy. If redundancy is unavoidable, we can help in multiple different areas including planning, identifying for selection, consultation, communication strategies, appeals & dismissals, payments and after care support. We will work with you to ensure the correct final outcome for the employee, protecting you from a claim and then working with you to determine the next step for your company.

As we are aware of the stress that can come with procedures such as dismissal and redundancy, we can help you anticipate, plan and find the right solution for your business. By using our expert advice and knowledge, it helps to ensure that issues are dealt with as quickly, fairly and as cost effective as possible and can help to ensure that you keep any problems from resulting in an employment tribunal.

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