Agency Workers

What are agency workers?

An agency worker often referred to as a ‘temp’ worker, will sign up for work through an employment business to work for a client. As the employer you are the client who may choose this arrangement for a flexible, quick or mutual solution to meet the needs of your business. Agency workers tend to work for a fixed or short term placement within your organisation but this can last for longer periods of time, depending on your requirements.

Why do agency workers matter?

 However there is sometimes confusion on the status and obligations between the worker and employer as often rights are accrued and established through the agency however workers are entitled to the same basic rights and treatment as a permanent member within the client’s workforce if they have worked for 12 weeks continuously. So be careful and ensure equal management to avoid any claims or unfavourable treatment.

How can we help you with agency workers?

If you do not have one already and either currently use or are likely to use agency workers in the future, we recommended implementing an Agency Worker Policy to confirm the understanding of their rights and the employer’s obligations. This can be a separate policy or contained within a Staff Handbook but will provide guidelines for how to proceed in any situation such like rights, pay, family leave and qualifying time.

We can review any current documentation regarding agency worker arrangements or produce a new policy to help you manage the agreement to ensure fair treatment and working tailored to your organisation.

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