HR Reviews

What is an HR review? We call these ‘HR reviews’, but they’re also known as ‘HR health checks’, ’employment law compliance audits’, or the like. Our HR review service examines your current compliance with employment law and HR best practices. The HR review consists of a face-to-face meeting of around an hour with one of […]

Equal Pay

What is equal pay? Equal pay is where men and women are employed to do the same job or of equivalent value and skill, then they must receive equal treatment in regards to their terms and conditions of employment.Note this is different from the Gender Pay Gap which refers to the differences in average of […]


What is whistleblowing? Whistleblowing is when a worker reports a certain type of wrongdoing. A whistleblower is protected by law and shouldn’t be treated unfairly or lose their job because they ‘blow the whistle’. A concern can be raised at any time about an incident that happened in the past, present, or is believed to happen […]


What is discrimination? Discrimination can unfortunately happen in your workplace and through a number of ways such as face to face, behind the computer, direct, indirect or in the form of harassment and victimisation. Whether an employee makes a claim, the employer discovers the situation or it continues unknown, we should be protecting our employees […]

Agency Workers

What are agency workers? An agency worker often referred to as a ‘temp’ worker, will sign up for work through an employment business to work for a client. As the employer you are the client who may choose this arrangement for a flexible, quick or mutual solution to meet the needs of your business. Agency […]

Minimum Wage

What is the minimum wage? The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is a minimum rate of pay that must be paid to workers, and is dependent upon the workers age. Additionally, workers aged over 25 years old will be entitled to the National Living Wage (NLW). Why does the minimum wage matter?  These rates are updated […]

Employment Status

What is employment status? The employment status for your employees is the type of working arrangement that you have set with them from the outset. This will identify both parties’ legal rights, responsibilities, obligations and the overall expectation. This should be agreed from the outset of the arrangement to avoid any uncertainty. You do not […]
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