Dr Kevin Marks

Kevin’s career path to date has been somewhat unusual for someone in an HR consultancy. He has previously worked as a computer programmer and managed software development teams within both large corporations and video-game companies, run a business hand-building electronic guitar effects, and spent time within academia as a psychology researcher and lecturer.

Within Loates HR Consultancy, Kevin is the director responsible for finance and marketing.

He also looks after the computers. And waters the plants. And makes the tea. And does whatever else he can to make sure everyone is happy and able to work effectively.


  • Yes, believe it or not Kevin is actually a doctor. Not the useful medical type though.
  • In a feeble attempt to prove he’s cool and not just a beardy computer geek, Kevin goes snowboarding. He has survived both the Sarenne and the somewhat more challenging return run from Mooserwirt.
  • Kevin enjoys playing all manner of guitars, basses, and the like. He likes to think that his boundless enthusiasm more than makes up for his complete lack of innate talent. Having said that, he has yet to meet a more accomplished bouzouki player.*

*well any other bouzouki player at all actually


    • PhD Psychology
    • MSc Psychology
    • MEng Microelectronics & Software Engineering

    Movie Quote

    • “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”


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