Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement

Employee engagement is an approach taken by an organisation that results in the right conditions for all employees, allowing them to work to their greatest potential, increasing their commitment to the organisations values and goals, also by motivating employees to contribute to the organisations overall success.

Employee engagement is based on trust and the two way communication between employees and the organisation. It is widely discussed that there are four main enablers of employee engagement; empowering leadership, engaging managers, employee voice and integrity.

Why is employee engagement important?

It is important to create an engaged workforce because it leads to a much happier, healthier and more satisfied team, who are more motivated to improve the organisations success. Research has repeatedly shown a positive correlation between how people are managed, their attitudes and behaviours and business performance. The impact of improving working relationships can be seen throughout your business by increases in profit, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, efficiency, staff retention and revenue growth.

On the other hand, having a disengaged workforce can massively put your organisation at a disadvantage. Not only could it lead to increased absenteeism or low productivity rates, but it could also have long-term effects such as implementing change as disengaged employees are more likely to be hostile towards change.

How we can help you with employee engagement?

  • We provide first class advice on how to deal with disengaged employees.
  • Our training courses can provide tips and tricks on how to create an engaged workforce.
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