Written Statement of Particulars for Workers

Requirement to provide a written statement of particulars to workers

This change is a consequence of the Good Work Plan.

A worker is any individual who undertakes to do or perform personally any work or service for another party, whether under a contract of employment or any other contract.  And normally excludes those who are self-employed.

Examples of a worker would typically include seasonal workers, short-term casual workers.

Previously there was no legal requirement to provide a written statement of particulars, or contract. From 6 April 2020 the legislation extends the right to a written statement of terms to all workers, and you will need to provide one.

Workers will in future be allowed to bring a claim for failure to provide a written statement of terms. Compensation is between two to four weeks’ pay.

Loates Tips:

  • Produce an outline written statement of particulars / contract for workers

If you would like a casual worker contract please contact us, we have a Good Work Plan compliant version available now. Please contact us to request one.

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