HR Documents

What are HR documents?

Having the correct HR Documentation in place from the outset can support HR compliance, keeping up to date with employment law but importantly setting out the expectations of the employee and the obligations from the employer.

Why do HR documents matter?

If HR documentation is not in place then this could result in outdated terms and conditions of employment, unfair processes resulting in claims such as unfair dismissal or an unsafe working environment.

How can we help you with HR documents?

We can implement the following HR documentation, in line with UK legislation but also tailored to your organisational culture and current HR practice.

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Staff Handbook
  • Offer of employment letters including withdrawing an offer of employment if requirements are not met
  • Absence management forms such as Self-Certification, Return to Work, Holiday request form
  • New starter Forms including induction checklists, reference requests, personal forms, request for driving licence
  • Probationary letters including success, extension and unsuccessful
  • Consent forms
  • Training clawback form
  • Leaver documentation including exit interview, leaver checklist and acknowledgement of resignation letter
  • Management Checklists
  • Invite to investigations, hearings or appeal meetings

This list is non-exhaustive and all documentation is written bespoke to your organisation. If you already have documentation in place, we will even review this for you and make recommendations in line with law and best practice.

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