The Good Work Plan

What is the Good Work Plan?

The Good Work Plan is the government response to a review conducted by Matthew Taylor into modern working practices. Taylor conducted a wide ranging review covering the gig economy, the rights of workers, working life and employment rights.

The Good Work Plan made a number of recommendations, some of which have been already been implemented (e.g. the right to an itemised pay statement), and some of which are due to be implemented in April 2020.

Detailed below are the changes from 6 April 2020:

What's on the horizon?

A right for those on zero-hours or other flexible contracts to request a more stable and predictable contract.

This seeks to address the one-sided flexibility and may include reasonable notice of working hours, what is reasonable is yet to be determined. Compensation for shift cancellation without reasonable notice, and the right to a contract that recognises 'normal' working hours. This would mean workers could switch to a contract that reflect their normal working hours. No timescale has been given for the introduction of this.

  • Making it easier for casual staff to establish continuity of employment
  • Employment status tests to be refined after further research; online employment status tool to be developed
  • State-led enforcement of holiday pay for vulnerable workers (similar to National Minimum wage naming and shaming)
  • Ban on deductions from staff tips
  • New single state enforcement agency
  • Naming of employers who fail to pay tribunal awards.
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