Giant Sunflower Competition

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At LoatesHR, our mission is to help you grow, both as a business and in terms of developing the full potential of your staff. So, we're running a competition to celebrate that! If you came to our Marketing Derby Bondholder Breakfast on Tuesday 24th April 2018, you'll have received some sunflower seeds. Get them planted, and then Tweet your resulting sunflower photos to @TeamLoates with hashtag #GrowWithLoates. The sunflower Tweeted by 30th September 2018 that is deemed most impressive by the TeamLoates judges will win a prize!

Sunflower "Titan" (Helianthus annus)

One of the tallest-growing and easily the biggest-headed and seeded variety available to gardeners. Perfect for impressing your neighbours and winning competitions. The plants will need support reaching up to 12' (3.5m) with large yellow flower heads plants can reaching 18"-24″ (45cm-60cm) across! The seeds are large and ideal for consumption or leaving for over-winter birds. Annual.

Cultivation advice

  • Days To Germination: 14-21.
  • Optimum Soil Temperature for Germination: 20°C-30°C (68°F-86°F).
  • Planting Depth: ¼" (0.5cm).
  • Plant Height: 10'-14' (3m-4.25m) Light: Full Sun.
  • Seeds can be started indoors 3 to 4 weeks before last spring frost.
  • Or direct-sow seeds outside after all danger of frost has passed to a depth of ¼" (0.5cm).
  • Can be sown as late as 100 days before last frost.
  • When seedlings are 2"-3" (5cm-7.5cm) high, thin to individual pots.
  • Replant thinned plants.
  • Steadily harden off before planting out after all danger of frost has passed.
  • These will require staking/support in all but the most sheltered locations.


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