Ending Employment

What is ending employment?

An employee’s relationship will have to end at some point with an employer. Whether this is through resignation, retirement, dismissal, redundancy or mutual termination of the contract. Each situation will require a different procedure or course of action which we can offer our advice and knowledge on to mitigate any risks or simply take the stress away from you.

Why does ending employment matter?

There are numerous reasons to ensure efficient procedures are followed when ending a business relationship. This could be to:

  • Maintain a positive relationship and end the contract on amicable terms
  • Maintain a positive business reputation
  • Support staff morale and employee retention
  • Mitigate risks of the employee raising a claim such as unfair or wrongful dismissal

This risk is non-exhaustive but indicates there are number of reasons to consider other options before deciding to ‘sack’ someone or make them redundant.

With emphasis on redundancy, this is a process that could affect any business for a number of reasons, such as downturn or a re-structure. We can provide you with the knowledge to ensure that when making redundancies you are complying with employment law to protect yourself from any unwanted claims and help you plan for the next step for your business.

How can we help you with ending employment?

We can help you ensure that as a manager or employer, you always act fairly, reasonably and consistently. We can advise on all the options available and ensure both parties rights and viewpoints are considered.

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