Employment Rights Act 1996

What is the Employment Rights Act?

The Employment Rights Act 1996 sets out the rights that employees are entitled to in the workplace.

The act talks about a range of interesting topics that can affect the employee, such as:

  • The employment contract
  • Pay
  • Protection from detriment
  • Time off from work
  • Dismissal

Why Does It Matter?

The Employment Rights Act is a crucial piece of legislation that is enforced within businesses’ to ensure that all employees are being treated fairly.
In ensuring that this piece of legislation is implemented efficiently it can ensure that risks to the business are appropriately managed.
It can also have a positive impact on the reputation of the business as a fair employer, encouraging the recruitment and retention function.

How Loates HR Consultancy Can Help

We can help by:

• Providing training that can ensure your employees are aware of their rights within the workplace, as suggested in 2005 that only 15% are very well informed of their rights at work.
• Ensure that your organisation is considering the Employments Right Act when creating company policies and procedures.
• Help your employees understand their role in making sure the Employment Rights Act is included within the workplace.
• Confirming that the Act is being placed in the company appropriately to ensure a fair working environment.

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