Employment Law

Think you need an employment lawyer to help you with with employment law issues? Think again!

We’re not just qualified employment law experts, we offer practical, pragmatic boot-on-the-ground application of the law to support business objectives. We understand how intimidating employment legislation can be, and how difficult and stressful it is to effectively manage staff whilst constantly worrying about falling foul of unknown legal pitfalls.

Consequently, we won’t just reel off the facts relating to some Euro directive in a barrage of jargon and legalese. We’ll translate it all into plain English, and tell you what you actually need to do in practice – no nonsense, straight talking, hands-on. You’ll get help that’s not just legally sound, but also pragmatic, business focussed, and aimed at achieving your end goal. And we won’t just tell you what you should be doing, then step back and let you get on with it. We’ll guide you through the process every step of the way. We can be physically present on site to give you the support you need, or actually carry out the necessary work for you.

Our HR Professionals are actively consulting, offering advice and guidance on a daily basis to our clients, so we strive to keep our knowledge up to date to achieve best practice for the businesses we work with.

We understand that employment law changes frequently and it can be challenging or time consuming for employers to keep up to date with their legal obligations. However we all must comply with these changes, so it is important that you keep aware of these.

Loates HR Consultancy can offer training and advice in all areas of employment law, and can provide line managers with the skill set to be able to deal with HR issues that may present themselves in the workplace. We can also send updates detailing in plain English what the changes actually mean, the responsibilities as an employer and anything you need to do or be aware of.

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