Contract of Employment Changes

Changes to issuing contracts of employment

This change is a consequence of the Good Work Plan.

A key change for employers under new legislation is the requirement to provide all employees with a written statement of terms on or before the first day of employment. Previously this was within two months of employment starting.

Employers will now be required to include additional detail such as:

  • the days of the week the worker is required to work, whether the working hours may be variable and how any variation will be determined;
  • any paid leave to which the worker is entitled;
  • details of all remuneration and benefits;
  • any probationary period; and
  • any training entitlement provided by the employer, including whether any training is mandatory and/or must be paid for by the worker.

Most employers will already provide this within their contract of employment.  If you would like a review of your contract of employments please contact us.

Loates Tips:

  • Update your existing contracts of employment to include the additional detail
  • Issue contracts of employment / written statement of particulars with the offer of employment.
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