Information and Consultation Regulations

What are they?

Since 2005 the Information and Consultation Regulations (commonly known as the ICE Regs) have given employees, (subject to certain conditions) the right to request their employer set up arrangements to facilitate them being informed and consulted about workplace issues.  This applies to employers with more than 50 employees (and workers).

Practically speaking many employers will have such arrangements in place e.g. team briefings, newsletters and notices. Some employers have more formal mechanisms such as employee forums.

The information and consultation regulations are currently triggered by a formal request by employees of at least 10% of the workforce, from 6 April 2020 new legislation will lower the threshold required for a request to set up information and consultation arrangements from 10% to 2% of employees, subject to the existing minimum of 15 employees.

Loates Tips:

Engaging with your workforce has many proven benefits, so why wait for a formal request?

Many informal mechanisms can be brought in to place to support communication and employee engagement within the workplace.

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