Holiday Entitlement Articles

  • Changes to the Calculation of Holiday Pay
    by Sarah Loates on Tuesday 18th February, 2020

    Changes to the calculation of holiday pay taking effect 6 April 2020 as part of the Good Work Plan

  • Parental Bereavement Leave
    by Sarah Loates on Wednesday 22nd January, 2020

    New legislation regarding parental bereavement leave comes into effect from 6 April 2020.

  • When Should I Allow a Worker to Carry Forward Annual Leave?
    by Sarah Loates on Monday 22nd July, 2019

    In terms of carrying forward holiday leave this can be broken down into three categories should, should not and may: When you should not carry holiday forward The minimum 4 weeks of WTD Leave should not be carried forward into the next holiday year. Employers should not replace this with a payment in lieu except

  • How to Calculate Holiday Pay and Commission
    by Sarah Loates on Thursday 18th July, 2019

    The European Court of Justice has previously ruled that holiday pay under the Working Time Directive cannot be calculated based on basic salary alone where a worker’s remuneration includes commission determined with reference to sales achieved i.e. results rather than effort. Therefore this should be included when calculating holiday pay. The overarching principle is if

  • How to Calculate Holiday Pay on Overtime
    by Sarah Loates on Thursday 18th July, 2019

    Case law decided through our judicial system and The European Court of Justice has determined how to calculate holiday pay and has rumbled on for a number of years. Three categories of overtime have been established: Guaranteed (compulsory) overtime, where even if the employee is not called on to work it; the employer is liable

  • The Right to Bank Holidays and Time off For Religious Festivals
    by Sarah Loates on Thursday 18th July, 2019

    There is no statutory right to public or bank holidays so contract wording in this area can differ and employers may choose not to state the number of bank holidays, this is because there are times when bank/public holidays can fall early or late. As discussed previously, this will mainly affect companies who operate an

  • April to April Holiday Years
    by Sarah Loates on Thursday 18th July, 2019

    Many companies will set their holiday year from January 01 to December 31 however; there are companies who may wish to align their holiday year with the financial year, April 01 to March 31. Contracts should state that an employee’s entitlement to holiday starts from their first day with the company and is pro-rata to

  • What Happens When a Worker is Sick Whilst on Holiday?
    by Sarah Loates on Thursday 18th July, 2019

    When a worker on annual leave falls ill before or during a planned holiday, they must let their employer know as soon as is practical. The worker can choose to cancel their annual leave; take sick leave and re-schedule their previously planned annual leave. It is worth remembering that when a worker takes the option

  • Does an Employee on Long Term Sick Continue to Accrue Holidays?
    by Sarah Loates on Thursday 18th July, 2019

    Employers are often surprised to learn that a worker on long term sickness absence continues to accrue statutory annual leave (i.e. the 5.6 weeks) and may choose to or not, to take sick leave during their period of absence. This is because; an employee on long term sick will continue to accrue holiday entitlement under

  • Holiday Principles
    by Sarah Loates on Thursday 18th July, 2019

    The holiday season is nearly upon us and at this time of year we receive lots of holiday related queries. The position is confusing as it involves a combination of EU law; domestic UK law and case law so read on for the most commonly asked holiday questions.

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