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  • Let’s talk about the ‘B’ word
    by Sarah Loates on Tuesday 24th November, 2020

    Mentioning the ‘b’ word is an emotive issue and challenging from an HR perspective to manage all parties and their emotions. Both the person who has felt bullied, and the individual whose door bullying has been laid at. There is no definition of bullying in employment law. And unlike harassment there is no single piece

  • Fair’s Fair? Birds Bakery
    by Sarah Loates on Monday 3rd August, 2020

    The Birds Bakery case has sparked interest in the wider press and the company has faced a public backlash for dismissing an employee with 40 years’ service, because it is Birds' policy not to accept cash for hygiene reasons. The employee took cash from customers who did not have bank cards (mainly elderly customers), then

  • Coronavirus Employer Guidance (Last updated 20th April 2020)
    by Sarah Loates on Monday 2nd March, 2020

    Coronavirus employer guidance

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